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Compound Pharmacy Fraud Investigations By The Department Of Labor Lawyers

July 5, 2020

When most people think of the U.S. Department of Labor, compound pharmacies are not what usually comes to mind. However, these specialty pharmacies are finding themselves coming under intense scrutiny in recent years by the DOL. Often the targets of DOL fraud investigations, compound pharmacies are essential players in today’s healthcare market and are relied upon by patients of all ages who need unique medications for various illnesses and conditions. If you are a pharmacist and own a compound pharmacy, do not be surprised if at some point the DOL comes knocking at your door claiming you have committed fraud. If this happens, always rely on lawyers who specialize in compound pharmacy fraud investigations by the Department of Labor.

A Growing Trend
While compound pharmacies have been in existence for generations, they have only recently become part of today’s mainstream health care market. Making drugs that are personalized and patient-specific, these pharmacies use a variety of ingredients when concocting medications for their patients. While this seems harmless enough, it is often the catalyst for a DOL fraud investigation. No matter the allegations made against you and your pharmacy by the DOL, immediately turn to compound pharmacy fraud investigations lawyers who can advise you on what to do and say while your case plays out.

Federal Employees
As to why compound pharmacies have come under increasing scrutiny in recent years, much of it has to do with the fact that these pharmacies are used by many current or former federal employees. Since federal employee health care is funded by taxpayer dollars, the DOL conducts investigations on a regular basis to make sure no money is being misused. Though these investigations are not nearly as common as Medicare fraud investigations, they are becoming more widespread across the United States, with many investigations occurring in Texas and other states. If your compound pharmacy has many current or former federal employees as customers, expect the DOL to be following your moves very closely. Should the DOL eventually make allegations of fraud against you, don’t take them lightly. Instead, plan to consult with compound pharmacy fraud investigations lawyers who know how these cases often proceed.

Billing High-Dollar Amounts
If you want to know why your compound pharmacy is gaining the attention of the DOL, it is likely because your pharmacy bills numerous high-dollar amounts to the federal government. Very common with compound pharmacies, this in no way automatically indicates fraud is taking place. Since a compound pharmacy relies on many different types of ingredients and techniques to create a patient-specific medication, common sense should dictate that these medications would cost significantly more than standard prescriptions. Nevertheless, the DOL will use almost any excuse it can to conduct fraud investigations of these pharmacies. Rather than attempt to deal with federal investigators on your own, immediately contact compound pharmacy fraud investigations lawyers soon after investigators show up at your door.

Unnecessary Ingredients
While DOL investigators may possess significant training in law enforcement and other related areas, chances are they know little about being a pharmacist. However, they will often base their fraud investigations on the allegations that a compound pharmacist added ingredients to a prescription that were unnecessary. Supposedly, a pharmacist would do so in order to increase their profit on the drug once it is billed to the federal government. Along with this allegation, other common allegations of fraud made by DOL investigators include overbilling, providing automatic and ongoing refills, and billing for a compound medication that is already available as a standard commercial product. Since you know your business far better than DOL investigators, do not let these or other allegations ruin your business and put a halt to the vital services you provide to your customers. Rather than be intimidated, speak to compound pharmacy fraud investigations lawyers to gain a better understanding of your legal options.

Whenever a DOL fraud investigation takes place involving a compound pharmacy, the case involves many complex and confusing details that must be carefully examined by all parties. To protect your reputation and that of your pharmacy, contact compound pharmacy fraud investigations lawyers as soon as possible to learn about their track record of success in winning these cases.



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