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June 30, 2020

Are you partway through an immigration case and need guidance in order to protect yourself and your family? Was someone in your family arrested and taken into custody? Are you facing an upcoming court hearing? If so, experienced New York lawyers who are familiar with the federal justice system can help.

Efforts by law enforcement against illegal immigration have intensified in recent years. Individuals who have been affected need to prepare to a defense plan. Penalties can range from spending years in prison to deportation. Clients from across the US have been able to end, dismiss, resolve, or mitigate federal investigations with the help of experienced lawyer. Don’t wait. Starting on a defense strategy early is the best way to prevent or stop a government investigation.

Common Illegal Immigration Charges

Bringing in Aliens

This crime is committed when a person attempts to or knowingly brings an individual who is not a legal resident or citizen of the United States into the country through a port of entry that has not been designated by the US government. An individual found guilty of this crime could spend 10 years or more in federal prison. They could face a death or life in prison sentence if the crime resulted in someone dying.

Transporting Aliens Unlawfully

A person may be found guilty of this charge if they knowingly transport a person who is not a legal resident or citizen of the US within the country. If they have intent of furthering the individual’s unlawful presence or show reckless disregard for their presence, they could also be found guilty of this charge. Transporting aliens unlawfully could result in a punishment of five years in a federal prison. Other factors may affect the punishment, including whether someone was harmed or died or if someone committed the crime for commercial or private gain.

Harboring or Concealing Aliens

A person may receive these charges if they help an alien remain in the United States illegally knowingly or recklessly disregarding their illegal status. This crime could result five years of punishment in federal prison. Aggravating factors could increase the penalties.

Reentering the Country Illegally following Deportation

If a person has previously been denied entry into the United States and they knowingly enter the country without consent, they could be charged with illegal reentry following deportation. This crime could result in fines and up to two years in prison. If a person has a criminal history in the United States, they could spend 20 years or more in prison.

Misrepresentation of Citizenship

If a person purposefully and willfully says that he is a citizen of the US but is not, he could be charged with misrepresentation of citizenship. The punishment for this crime typically includes fines and up to three years in prison.

Aiding and Abetting

A person could be found guilty of this crime if they associate with a venture designed with criminal intent and purposely participate in it with the goal of making it successful. A person could be found guilty of associating with an illegal venture if they shared the intent of the criminals who participated in it. Being found guilty of aiding and abetting would lead to a punishment that would be equivalent to the punishment for the underlying crime. Those who associate with agents who committed the crime may receive the same punishment as those who performed the actions.

Accessory after the Fact

A person could be found guilty of this crime if they knew of another person’s commission of a crime or they assisted the person with the goal of hindering their apprehension or conviction. It is important to note that the underlying crime does not need to be prosecutable or prosecuted for a person to be charged with this crime. This charge could lead to a person facing half the maximum fines for an underlying crime and half the maximum imprisonment for an underlying crime.

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