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June 30, 2020
College Admissions Scandal Lawyers Have Been In The Spotlight Lately
The college admissions scandal story has become household lore at this point in time. Practically everyone who wants to know about it does, and they are making a lot of judgements and observations about it. If you haven’t heard about it, it was big news when a whole ring of celebrities was caught up in a scandal involving scams to help get their children into high-quality colleges through scandalous means.

Lori Loughlin was probably the most famous name caught up in all of this. She has recently plead guilty to be involved with certain individuals that helped to pay bribes to various elite schools as well as manipulating the resume of her daughter to make her appear more qualified than she really was to get into such a school. In the beginning, Loughlin plead not guilty and insisted that the payments to the schools were donations and not bribes, but she recently changed her plead in court.

The action that Loughlin took to change her plea was a big decision to make, and it was not made lightly. She consulted heavily with her college admissions scandal lawyer to figure out the best road for her and her case. The thing about her case is that there was a mountain of evidence against her, and there was a lot of public pressure for some people to end up being punished for what had happened her. The public is largely furious that the rich and famous have apparently paid bribes to get their children into schools that other people have to work so diligently to get into.

The lawyers advising Loughlin were not asking her to change her plea to guilty without reason. They were not just trying to wrap the case up quickly or find a reason to clear her conscious of what had happened. Instead, they were working out a deal with the prosecutor to get better treatment for Loughlin and lessen the penalties that she would have to pay for the crimes that she had committed. This is a common tactic of college admissions scandal attorneys and all other attorneys for that matter.

Attorneys are always a good resource to have working on your side when you face any prospect at all of facing up to something in court. It is scary and difficult to get through anything to do with court when you don’t know what to do, and when you don’t have a strong advocate by your side. Fortunately for Loughlin and many others, lawyers are there to help. They are always highly trained in the ways of what they need to do, and that makes them more valuable than ever for those who have been charged with any kind of crime.

College admissions scandal crimes are highly difficult to prove, but when the public pressure mounts as much as it did against some of the famous celebrities wrapped up in this one, sometimes the best thing to do is to take a guilty plea. Loughlin will deal with 2 months in jail and 2 years of supervised release for her crimes and will pay a $150,000 fine plus complete 100 hours of community service for what she has done. This is a heavy burden to bare to be sure, but it is a lot less than what she could have faced without the assistance of an attorney. The attorney undoubtedly saved her from additional jail time, and they helped make sure that all of her fines and penalties were kept to a minimum.

We may not see a scandal like this flare up again for a while given all of the public attention that it got this time around, but we may also see it happen again given the desperate lengths that some parents will go to in order to ensure their children go to the best colleges in the world. It is a scary thought to realize that there are probably others out there right now who are plotting and scheming to figure out a way to help get their children into another school right now as well.



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