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Can The Government Take My Money In A Health Care Fraud Case Lawyers

July 1, 2020

Healthcare fraud is not new to many healthcare professionals. As a healthcare provider, if you have never been summoned for engaging in fraudulent activities, you probably know someone who has. The statute that governs healthcare fraud is the False Claims Act, a law whose intent is to guard against fraudulent activities against the Federal Government. There are several actions which the False Claims Act describes as fraudulent and acts like overbilling patients are fraudulent. The Federal Government runs several programs, and one of them is Medicare. Overbilling your Medicare patients with the intent to recover more money can land your healthcare business in problems.

The question that arises is how the Federal Government will know that your business is engaging in healthcare fraud? Healthcare fraud cases are often begun by either your employee or someone close to your company. Whistleblowers who front the inside activities of your business do so with the motive of financial gain. If the Federal Government wins against you, the whistleblower also gets part of the judgment award. Therefore if a healthcare fraud case is instituted against your business and the Federal Government wins against you, it will take your money.

What should you do when faced with a healthcare fraud case?
The first thing you need to do is get in touch with Raiser & Keinniff, PC, within record time. Our firm is at the top of its game when it comes to dealing with healthcare fraud cases. We have a team comprised of attorneys with extensive knowledge and experience in the field of criminal law, and we will accord your case the urgency it deserves. Having a judgment entered against you in a healthcare fraud case can harm your healthcare company. A judgment in a fraud case comes loaded with enormous consequences. A positive business reputation, more so in healthcare, is a result of years of hard work, and so is good financial muscle. If you lose in a healthcare fraud case, the proceeds of your hard work might be lost. Working with a team that knows how to prosecute fraud cases by paying attention to the issues which matter is the first step towards building a defense that will exonerate you.

Consultation with Raiser & Keinniff, PC is free, and you can access the legal services from any state. We represent a wide range of clients, and this is because of the reputation we have built for ourselves due to the seriousness we put on our assignments.

What do you stand to gain if you choose to defend your case?
The precise answer to what you stand to gain is simple. You stand to gain everything. Defending your healthcare fraud case is evidence enough that you believe in your innocence, and you are ready to prove that the charges labeled against you are malicious. Undefended cases will always lead to a judgment whose award has not paid attention to your side of the facts. The Federal Government in a healthcare fraud case has the mandate to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore as a healthcare provider who believes in their innocence, countering the evidence presented is very important to your lawsuit. The founders of Raiser & Keinniff, PC, are former state prosecutors; therefore, they understand the entire prosecution process. A state prosecutor in a healthcare fraud charge is the attorney acting for the Federal Government. Thus, working with healthcare fraud case lawyers that have prior experience with the Federal Government prosecution’ side gives you the confidence that the defense launched on your behalf is well thought.

What financial risk do you face in a healthcare fraud case?
In a healthcare fraud case the financial risk can be huge and in worst case scenarios even your entire net worth can go towards complying with the judgment terms. A healthcare fraud case simply makes you a candidate of possible bankruptcy if at all judgment is entered against you. It is not possible to quote the exact amount of money the Federal Government can take but most times it is not a small amount. Such reasons make it even more important for you to have a team like Raiser & Keinniff, PC in your corner when you are facing healthcare fraud charges.



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