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Avoid Criminal Penalties Medicare Fraud Detroit Lawyers

July 1, 2020

Medicare fraud is a common problem. It occurs when a provider charges someone for services that were not performed. The provider can also double-charge someone or provide a service at a higher cost than they are supposed to. The best thing that you can do if you have been accused of Medicare fraud is to hire an attorney.

Defending Medicare Fraud

Medicare fraud is a serious crime. If you are convicted of Medicare fraud, then you could spend up to 25 years in prison. That is why early intervention is the key. Your attorney will be able to negotiate with the prosecutors and investigators. They will help dispute the charges and can get them dropped. They can also lessen the severity of the charges.

There are several defenses that can be used. The investigators may not know all of the facts. The motives and credibility of the witnesses can be disputed. A motion can be filed in order to dismiss the charges. Your attorney will try to build a strong defense.

You will need to avoid going into the investigation alone. The government investigators will already say that you are guilty. It is a good idea for you to avoid talking to the investigators. They will try to use what you say against you.

What Types of Criminal Charges Can Apply?

  • Attempt and conspiracy to commit-Anybody who attempts or conspires to commit fraud can face criminal charges.
  • Forfeiture-Property that was obtained from the proceeds of Medicare fraud can be forfeited.
  • Money Laundering-If you use the proceeds from Medicare fraud to buy something, then you can be charged with money laundering.
  • Theft of government services- This includes money that is derived from the Medicare program. It may also include indirect billing.
  • Wire Fraud-The use of telephone and electronic communication can be considered wire fraud.

What Is A Required to Convict Someone of Medicare Fraud?

The court has to be able to prove that you intentionally committed Medicare fraud. They have to show that you willingly submitted a false claim in order to obtain profit. However, proof of intent or knowledge is not always required. You can be convicted if the court finds that you acted recklessly even if you did not commit the fraud on purpose.

Standard of care is another thing that has to be taken into consideration. If a health care provider performs an unnecessary service just to get extra money, then they could be charged with Medicare fraud. Many physicians have been charged with Medicare fraud because they prescribed medications or performed services that were not medically necessary.

Protect Your Reputation, License And Livelihood

The way that a Medicare fraud charge is handled will affect the rest of your life. Even if you manage to avoid prison time, you could get your license suspended. You could also be excluded from Medicare and other government health programs, which can cause you to lose a lot of money. Furthermore, you could be charged thousands of dollars in fines.

You need an attorney who can aggressively defend you against the charges that you are facing. They will advocate for you in court. They will also help protect your medical license.

You Do Not Need to Settle for Less Than the Best

Any health care provider who has been charged with Medicare fraud will need to hire an attorney. You do not want to put your healthcare practice at risk. They will come up with the best defenses.

Our attorneys have had experience working with different health care providers. This includes nurses, medical office staff, pharmacists, physicians and healthcare entrepreneurs.



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