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Federal Child Pornography Charge Defense Lawyer30 Jan 2019

Law enforcement officers on both state and federal levels are now cracking down on many offenses that people might have gotten away with years ago. This is the case with child pornography charges. When following the news, you might have heard a lot about people getting in trouble for possessing or being involved with the production of child pornography in recent years. You might have never thought that it would happen to you, but if you have recently been charged with federal child pornography charges, then you could be frightened about what the future holds. Understanding the laws and working with a federal child pornography charge defense lawyer can help you navigate this incredibly difficult and complicated legal situation.

What are Child Pornography Charges?

Quite simply, child pornography charges are related to possessing, sharing or being involved in the production of child pornography. Child pornography is illegal in all 50 states and is illegal on a federal level. If you are found with child pornography on your computer or if you are otherwise caught being involved with child pornography, you could find yourself facing these serious charges.

What Types of Consequences are You Facing if You’re Convicted?

The federal courts take child pornography charges very seriously. You could be fined $5,000 if you are convicted, but this is actually the least of your concerns. Those who are convicted of possessing or otherwise being involved with child pornography could face up to 20 years in federal prison.

Of course, the legal consequences that you’re facing aren’t your only concerns. There is a stigma against those who are convicted of crimes related to child pornography. If you do end up getting convicted of this type of charge, it could be very difficult for you to find employment or housing. It could also seriously impact your relationship with your loved ones and the way that the general public sees you as a person.

What to Do if You’ve Been Accused of a Child Pornography Charge

As soon as you become aware of the fact that you are being charged with child pornography charges, it is imperative for you to seek legal representation. It is never a good idea to face either state or federal charges on your own, but child pornography charges are some of the more serious crimes that you can face. Hiring a lawyer who has knowledge and experience with dealing with this type of sensitive legal matter is an absolute must.

Why are Child Pornography Cases Difficult to Defend?

A criminal defense lawyer who is helping you with state or federal charges has a job to do. That job is to defend you in any legal way possible. However, child pornography cases in particular are often incredibly difficult to defend. Because of the stigma that goes along with child pornography and other charges related to children, many people who face these charges are already seen as guilty by the general public before a trial even begins. Additionally, many people are nervous about sharing the details of their private lives, particularly when it pertains to these matters.

Even though these cases are not easy to defend, a good lawyer who specializes in handling these types of crimes can be very helpful. Your lawyer might be able to argue that you were not aware that there was child pornography on your computer, for example. In some cases, the lawyer might be able to argue that the individuals who were displayed in the pornographic material were, in fact, of legal age or that you believed that this was the case when viewing the material.

You might feel as if you’re in the middle of a nightmare right now if you are facing child pornography charges. You are not the only person who has ever been through this type of situation, even though it might seem like it right now. A good lawyer can help you more than you might realize, and the case might go differently than you think right now. Your course of action is to seek representation right away. Once you talk a little more with a federal child pornography charge defense lawyer, he or she can give you more information.

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