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NYC False Impersonation Lawyers20 Jul 2016

Being accused of the crime of false impersonation is not something to take lightly. Depending on the chain of events involved, the outcome could be that you end up in prison for a number of years. Instead of hoping that the evidence proves you are not guilty as charged, it makes sense to secure legal counsel and mount a defense. Here is what a criminal lawyer can do for you.

Understanding the Gravity of the Situation

Since you’ve never dealt with this type of situation before, it may be hard to understand what is happening. False impersonation covers a lot of ground, and you may not be sure how current laws apply to the charge. Your attorney can help you get a better idea of what the specific grounds happen to be, and what they could mean for you if convicted.

For example, perhaps someone who bears a striking resemblance to you used a name and fake credentials to access an apartment and made off with a number of valuables. The charge against you is the use of impersonation with the intent to commit a burglary. Unless you are able to demonstrate that you were not the person who committed the crime, you may be about to lose several years of your life to the penal system.

Another example is the use of a fake identity to secure a job or enter a restricted area. This can sometimes be accomplished by creating false documents or otherwise tricking a security system into recognizing the individual as someone who is authorized to enter the space.

In some cases, the criminal impersonation will be of a nature that involves federal authorities. This is true when the impersonation is used to engage in crimes related to immigration or some form of terrorism. At that point, you are no longer dealing exclusively with state authorities. The odds of dealing with charges leveled by a federal agency are highly likely.

Whatever the charges, the lawyer can help you understand the severity of the charges, and also begin working with you to mount a defense that has a chance of proving you are not guilty of the activity.

Collecting Evidence

As part of the defense effort, your lawyer will seek to collect evidence that points to your innocence. For example, being able to physically place you in a different location when the crimes took place will be helpful. If there are multiple witnesses who can confirm your whereabouts, that will go a long way toward getting the charges dismissed.

Even if there are not any witnesses who can confirm your whereabouts, all is not lost. There are other ways to prove you were not present for the crime and did not have any involvement. For example, being able to demonstrate that you have no connections with terrorist groups will be helpful. The fact that there is no evidence that you have ever visited the area where the crime took place can also make a difference.

In the event that the impersonation is connected with some type of cyber-crime, analyzing the history of your Internet connected devices and finding nothing there to show you ever accessed certain sites or used certain credentials will go a long way toward creating reasonable.

Remember that a conviction for any type of false impersonation will have a significant impact on your future. Opportunities for employment will be more limited, and you are likely to find that there are people who no longer want anything to do with you. Your bet is to engage the services of a firm that handles this form of criminal law, and give the firm your full cooperation. In the long run, the odds of proving you are not guilty of the charges will be higher.

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