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Drug Crimes21 Jul 2016

When people find themselves charged with a drug crime, they are looking at the possibility of spending many years in prison. Even for offenses involving only a small amount of drugs or drug paraphernalia, a person could be facing years behind bars. When these situations happen, there is no doubt the services of attorneys who are skilled and experienced in handling these cases are needed in order to win your case. That’s why when people in New York need the legal team available to help win their case, they turn to the firm of Raiser and Kenniff.

Drug Crimes Overview
Whether you are facing federal drug charges for producing drugs or are simply caught with small amounts of them in your possession, don’t automatically assume that everything will be fine. In fact, trouble may just be beginning. In many of these situations, prosecutors will pursue the charges against you very aggressively, hoping to use you as an example of their war on drugs. Before letting this happen, it’s to hire a legal team that has handled many of these cases over the years, often with great results for their clients. We here at Raiser and Kenniff have done just that, helping numerous clients by protecting their constitutional rights until they are proven innocent in a court of law. Even if you feel as if your case is open and shut, we can often prove otherwise.

Strategies and Techniques
When handling a drug case, Raiser and Kenniff know it takes tremendous planning and unique strategies and techniques to help clients win their case. Knowing how prosecutors view these cases, we immediately go to work meeting with our client and reviewing evidence. In many of these cases, witnesses and other who may be facing charges play an important role in the outcome. We realize this, and can use this to our advantage by meeting with these individuals in order to find out important details about the case. After doing so, we can then create a courtroom strategy that can often turn the tables on the prosecution and win our client’s freedom.

Federal Drug Crimes
Of all the drug charges to be facing, federal drug charges are usually the most serious. Whether you have been charged with growing marijuana, creating and distributing methamphetamines, or possessing other types of serious narcotics, it’s important to remember that charges do not necessarily lead to a conviction. Time after time, we at Raiser and Kenniff have seen innocent people who simply got caught up in a situation they knew nothing about be charged with crimes and threatened with years in prison. When this happens, we vow to work harder than anyone in order to prove the innocence of our client. Even if you are currently in jail, we can meet with you, discuss the details of your case, and then begin the process of examining evidence and interviewing witnesses in order to plan a winning defense strategy.

Let Us Help
No matter what legal circumstances you may be facing due to drug charges, it is not time to give up hope and let prosecutors sentence you to years in prison. Instead, contact us here at Raiser and Kenniff and let us protect your rights as granted by the U.S. Constitution. We offer a no-charge consultation, believing this allows our clients to relax and give us each and every detail of their case. If you are in need of legal counsel to fight these charges, call us at 212-274-0090 or fill out our online form at and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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