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Driver License Suspension Lawyer30 Jan 2019

Seeking Services of a Driver License Suspension Lawyer

Most people often forget that driving is not a right but a privilege. The only way to maintain the privilege is by complying with the traffic laws. There are various reasons why a driver might have their driver license suspended. The suspension period can either be definite or indefinite. Definite Suspension Order Definite suspensions indicate the longevity of your suspension.
You are not allowed to drive during this period; a termination fee is expected from you to acquire a valid license again.
Definite suspensions can be issued due to several reasons including: •
Conviction of drugged or alcohol driving charge
• Lack of automobile liability insurance
• Failure to obey junior driver’s rules
• Receiving numerous traffic tickets over a particular time frame
Indefinite Suspension Order Indefinite suspensions do not end until the required action is taken. You may get an indefinite suspension for the following reasons:
• Defaulting on automobile liability insurance • Failure to pay your child support
• Unpaid state tax debts
• Non-payment of traffic ticket fine
• Failure of filing a motor vehicle accident report
If you do not respond to an out-of-state driving violation, the New York state DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) suspend your New York license unless the violation happened in Wisconsin, Montana, Oregon, Alaska, Michigan or California. This also applies to non-NY residents who do not respond to their NYS traffic ticket. If you have cleared your traffic ticket fees but your suspension does not reflect as terminated on your driving record, kindly contact the NY state DMV for assistance. In some cases, the driver is eligible for a limited license application. In other cases, it is possible to beat the suspension altogether. The restricted license gives you the ability to drop kids to day-care or school and pick them up, drive for school or work and drive for healthcare and license-related business.
If your license was revoked for driving under the influence, you are only allowed to apply for a limited license if you are part of a Drinking Driver Program that is certified by the New York state. You risk facing an extended license suspension, hefty fines, or a jail time when you get pulled over driving under suspension. Risking more penalties causes more financial and personal devastation in the long run. How will you run your errands, go to work, or take the kids to wherever? To reinstate a driver’s license can be a lengthy process. However, a driver license suspension lawyer will help you keep your driving privilege.
The legal process varies with the reason for a suspension. However, there is basically a rule for any violation. Never plead guilty before consulting a lawyer! If convicted, you automatically have a permanent criminal record. This will only make the case complicated. It may lead to additional points to your driver’s license or increase the fines. The DMV or the criminal court will notify on the amount payable regarding your suspension.
With the vast knowledge in criminal defense, your lawyer will identify the weak points in your case. They will defend you against the state and represent you at DMV. A driver license suspension lawyer knows the arguments to make the questions to ask through the case. Putting it bluntly, your driver license suspension lawyer will, by all means, minimize your time off the driver’s seat. Before hiring a law firm/lawyer, be sure to talk to the attorney assigned your case. Your attorney is likely to advise you on your next move. Ensure you ask all the questions and bring all the documentation that is case related.
This will help you know what to consult with your lawyer. Be sure to inquire about: • Requirements for reinstating your license
• The minimum time possible for you to drive again
• Your appealing or contesting options Keep in mind that you are still under the law even after reinstating your driver’s license.
Be keen to keep your record clean to avoid losing your license again. Avoid distracted driving and focus on the road. Remember, a suspended license calls for higher insurance rates. You may consider taking a state-approved course to reduce your mandatory insurance rates as well as your points. Frequent offenders risk a jail time sentence.

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