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Computer Fraud Lawyer30 Jan 2019

Also abbreviated as CFAA, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act was enacted in 1986 in the US. It made a federal crime for one to access a protected computer without proper permission. The CFAA later criminalized more computer-related acts. Congress later included in his bill a provision that criminalized password trafficking and similar items. Since then, this act has seen tremendous amendments such as in 2001 by the US Patriot Act as well as 2008’s identity theft Enforcement and Restitution Act. To make you get a good understanding of what computer fraud is, read through.


CFAA Overview


Today, there are up to seven types of criminalities enumerated in the CFA. To start with, illegally obtaining the national security information, trespassing in the government computers, compromising confidentiality, accessing computers with the intention of defrauding and getting value, damaging information or a computer, password trafficking and also threatening to destroy a computer. Also if you attempt to commit these crimes is also illegal and punishable in a court of law.


All the computers that are covered by the CFAA are called protected computers. In this act, such computers;


  1. Are exclusively for use by financial institutions or the US government or any computer. When the conduct that involves the offense affects such computers by the financial institution or the government.
  2. Are used or affecting interstate or foreign business or communication including a computer that is located outside the US which is used in a manner which affects interstate or foreign commerce or communication of the US.

Today, nonetheless, any ordinary computer has been covered in this jurisdiction of the law. Including mobile phones, due to the interstate nature of various internet communication.


Law on Hacking, Piracy, and Cyber Terrorism


Today, hacking seems to be the most well-known form of computer crime. It is accessing another computer system without proper authorization. People who do this intrusion always have the intention to launch malicious programs, e.g. viruses, Trojan horses and worms which may end up shutting down or equally destroying the whole computer network. People also can hack a computer system with the intention of stealing credit card information or other vital information. When they access commercial databases, they can get away with details of millions of users.


On the same breath internet, privacy is also an offense committed by lots of people. This involves disseminating copyrighted material without proper permission from the owner. From the 90s, music, movie, software, ebooks and video game sharing sites started operating in violation of privacy.


Cyber terrorism is also becoming rampant today. Such crimes comprise of politically motivated attacks to targets like governments sites or even commercial networks. The intention of such attacks to create panic and fear on victims. These days there are a lot of transactions happening over the internet. Financial markets are also happening remotely over the internet. Therefore the dangers of cyber terrorism is becoming more pronounced, thus the crime is receiving quite a lot of attention. Nonetheless, this crime is rare.


Identity Theft


Identity theft has been there even before the internet was developed. Such crimes today involves the use of a computer to get other users online or even online shoppers to disclosing their financial details such as Social security numbers and bank details. Offenders use email phishing which entails sending your victims email containing links leading them to input their sensitive data. This data is then secretly recorded by the cop cat website, and the details used in an illegal way.


Do You Need A Computer Fraud Lawyer?


You know whether you need a computer fraud lawyer if the following has happened to you.


  1. You have been accused of computer fraud
  2. A lawsuit has been filed against you accusing you of having failed to return devices or electronics
  3. You are being used as a scapegoat for their failure to maintain controls on their electrical systems or maintain proper security of their systems.
  4. Your career is under threat because you accessed data from your employer’s computer, but the employer is using that excuse against you,

If the above has happened to you and you are being accused of computer crime, then you need to look for a computer fraud lawyer with both extensive technical and legal expertise. With such an attorney, they can review digital evidence and even testify at trial if possible. Therefore, there is a need to be equipped with a knowledgeable computer fraud attorney.

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