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Cocaine Possession Lawyers21 Jul 2016

Being caught with cocaine is a crime in every state. You will be charged with one or several crimes as a result of this action. As experienced New York City attorneys, our team is well-versed in drug-charge defenses. If you ever find yourself in a tough predicament with a cocaine charge, think about our services and what they can do for your life. When you have a trusted lawyer by your side, those charges will be easier to fight in New York state.

Understanding the Prosecution

Many defense attorneys come from law school and never see the perspective of the prosecution. Our team is complete with former district attorneys. We understand the prosecution’s side and try to break it down from a defense perspective. Your cocaine charges have many angles to them. Because your story is unique, it’s our job to find the pathway to a lesser charge. Improper searches and other actions can be helpful to your defense.

Charges Vary in the System

There is a stark difference between the charges that you can be accused of in the legal system. Possession, under-the-influence and trafficking are just a few of the charges that you might face. Our defense team has experience in all of these areas. Each charge has its own details, fines and jail time. It’s the attorney’s experience that will help you move through the legal system with little damage to your reputation.

Dealing With Driving Charges

Driving while under the influence of cocaine is entirely different than just being caught with the drug on the street. Vehicular charges can range from license loss to immediate jail time. You may have damaged private property or injured another person. Our attorney team will look at every angle of your case in order to create a strong defense. You may need to forgo some driving rights in the meantime, but your personal history can be saved in many cases.

Drug Charges as Health Issues

This cocaine charge may not be the first time that you tried a drug. You might be addicted to it. Our attorneys look at drug charges as a cry for help. A cocaine charge shouldn’t mean instant jail time because treatment might be a better option. We’ll look at your history, and convey any addiction issues to the court. Entering rehabilitation might be a better scenario compared to an extended prison sentence.

Free Initial Consultation

Don’t be worried about expensive attorney fees when you’re first charged with cocaine possession. Your first consultation with our staff is entirely free. It gives you a chance to voice your side of the story while learning about your various options. When you decide to hire our services, we’ll offer you an upfront fee structure that you can understand and afford. You deserve the rights that are inherent in the legal-justice system.

Federal Versus State Charges

Some lawyers have very strict rules about federal versus state charges. You might encounter a counselor who won’t take on a federal cocaine charge. Our professionals can help you with either situation because our background offers the most experience in the industry. As a result, you’ll have a defender who can work within various court systems. The federal system is different than the state facilities so you should hire a lawyer who can understand these intricate details.

Calling our lawyers is the first step that you should take. Don’t offer any information to law-enforcement officials until you truly understand your rights. You aren’t instantly guilty of any crime. Believe in yourself and our services, and you’ll potentially find yourself with a lesser charge in no time.

If you are found in possession of 500 mg and over of cocaine in the state of New York, you are liable to be charged with a felony. The consequences for conviction increase based on how much you’ve been caught with. Though many possession cases result in pleas, you may consider going to trial. To help with your chances of success, you need to hire an experienced cocaine possession lawyer.

What Are Your Charges?

The amount of cocaine you’re found in possession of good can affect the charges that are brought against you, as can the circumstances under which you’re arrested. For instance, possessing a small amount of cocaine for personal use in your home will have less dire consequences than possessing a large amount with clear intent to distribute. Other crucial circumstances include if you were selling to a minor or if you were under the influence of cocaine while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Should I Take a Plea?

It can be difficult to fight drug possession charges. If the arresting officer and at least one other witness can testify that you were found in possession of cocaine at the time of arrest, it can be difficult to sway a jury to the possibility of you being innocent. Even if it was planted, you might still have trouble proving it.

You may want to take a plea deal, either no contest or guilty. Don’t do so without going over your case with your attorney. Taking a plea can reduce the stress of facing a lengthier sentence should you go to trial and be convicted, but it can also put a mark on your legal record.

Will I Be Facing Jail Time?

Depending on the circumstances of your case and your legal history, you may or may not face jail time. A minor, misdemeanor amount could result in a fine or some time on probation. If this is your first offense, you could be sentenced to mandatory drug treatment in lieu of jail time. There will be the expectation that you successfully complete treatment and avoid any further run-ins with the law.

How to Find the Right Lawyer

A cocaine possession lawyer shouldn’t make any promises that they aren’t sure they can keep. There should be no guarantee of acquittal, as that’s up for the jury to decide. Your lawyer should be well-versed in drug laws and be able to offer an actionable defense that will speak well to your character and your deserving of a second chance. Even if you have to take some form of a plea, such as going to treatment, it’s much better than simply accepting your fate without any kind of scrutiny.

A good cocaine possession will help you to get your charges reduced. They’ll review your charges and weigh them against the evidence. They might not be able to get the entire case thrown out, but they might be able to get some charges reduced from felony to misdemeanor status or dropped entirely.


If you do end up with a cocaine possession charge on your record, you may be able to get it expunged. This can take a few years and would require the hiring of another lawyer (or possibly your original lawyer) to argue on your behalf. You would also need to present evidence that you deserve to have your charge expunged, such as continued sobriety and a clean legal record. Expungement is very worthwhile, as it can make it as though you were never convicted in the first place.

Your cocaine possession case can put a lot of pressure on you. An experienced attorney will help to alleviate that pressure. You need to prepare for your case with them extensively and give consideration to any advice they offer. When it comes time for your trial, you should be feeling better than you did when initially charged.

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