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why you need a criminal lawyer

Hire a Skilled Criminal Lawyer for the Possible Outcome Hiring a skilled criminal defense lawyer is a necessity for most criminal legal matters. While some may see hiring a private attorney as an unnecessary expense, the benefits far outweigh any cost that’s involved. A criminal defense attorney evaluates your…

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Why you should hire a DUI attorney

Driving under the influence has risen the ranks in recent years to become one of the most common and severely punished road offenses. Some of the consequences may involve long jail terms, harsh fines and even complete revocation of your driving license. Additionally, this may end up ruining your employment…

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Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer to Help When Accused of a Crime

A criminal charge can result in jail time or even prison. There will also be fee and fines, probation, and other obligations to the court. A criminal charge is life-altering and can destroy a person’s future. It is vital to have legal representation that is knowledgeable and experienced in the…

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Why Do Hard Money Lenders Exist?

When you think of a hard money lender, typically the image that cultivates in most people’s minds is that of a shady, alleyway-based dealer that keeps his hat down low and his interest rates high. He’ll give you all the money you want, but you’ll have to sign your life…

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are merchant cash advances illegal

There’s a new alternative to conventional loans that’s become popular with small business owners in recent years. Known as merchant cash advances, the products offer fast funding without the need to have good or established business credit. The popularity of this option has also drawn some questions regarding the legality…

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What is a Waist Trainer?

Waist trainers are controversial. They get a lot of misguided flack from people who have never used them. But people who have used them will tell you about the incredible results. What is a Waist Trainer? A waist trainer, simply put, is a type of corset. A corset is designed…

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Is CBD illegal to possess

Legal possession of CBD? Consider the source An April 2018 issue of Forbes magazine cites the criminal case of an Indiana man whose overwhelm caused him to call the outcome ‘‘the day of my life.’’ Hamilton County resident Mamadou Ndiaye, 41, had been arrested for marijuana possession in August…

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Brooklyn Criminal Deportation Lawyers

There are very few circumstances in life that are more intimidating than facing a criminal charge with the possibility of being deported from the United States upon conviction. While all criminal convictions are not necessarily grounds for deportation, the current intense scrutiny being placed on prosecutors and immigration officials could…

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Bronx Criminal Deportation Lawyers

Deportation often refers to the dismissal of an individual or a group of people from a country or place. The definition is applicable for both nationals and foreigners. The United States differentiates between the expelling of a national and foreigners that many refer to as deportation. Deportation refers to the…

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Long Island Deportation Lawyers

Deportation is a commonly used term that refers to the removal of an individual who is unlawfully residing in the United States because he or she has violated immigration laws. If an individual receives a notice to appear for removal proceedings, it is a serious matter that should be handled…

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Manhattan Deportation Lawyers

Generations of people have left their native countries and come to the United States with a dream of making a life here. The rich history of welcoming immigrants, especially in New York, should not be diminished by an increasingly complex immigration system. The maze of paperwork and administrative requirements hounds…

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NYC Deportation Lawyers

When you are dealt with a deportation and removal case, you are facing one of the most complex immigration issues in New York. In these cases, an individual who has been issued a removal proceeding notice must appear before the Immigration Court and state why he or she should be…

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