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Carrying a Loaded Firearm21 Jul 2016

Every person has the Constitutional right to own and bear arms. Of course, to legally own a firearm an individual has to meet certain legal criterion that is required by each state. New York is a state that has very strict laws regarding weapons. Weapons offenses are taken seriously and the courts prosecute offenders with severe penalties. If you or a loved one have been charged with Carrying a Loaded Firearm it is crucial that only a highly experienced law firm be hired to represent you. Raiser & Kenniff, PC is a firm that was founded by two former New York prosecutors that have 30 years of combined experience.

By having once served as New York City prosecutors, the founding partners of Raiser & Kenniff are in a unique position. Due to having represented criminal cases on both sides of the law our team has experience and insight from both legal perspectives. Weapons offenses carry several different penalties and can be difficult to understand. Unfortunately, the different legal jargon and conditions of one charge are often being based the on criteria from another charge, which can easily confuse someone who is unfamiliar with legal terminology and law.

Some people have gotten these laws mixed up and have made the terrible mistake of thinking they were facing lesser weapons charges and were eventually sentenced to the fullest extent of the law. A lot of people mistakenly choose an inexperienced law firm that does not have enough experience and knowledge to outwit some of the techniques a prosecutor uses against weapons offenders. In New York there are two basic weapons offenses and several different classes and degrees within each offense. The two most basic charges are either criminal possession of a weapon, or criminal use of a firearm.

One of the laws people break the most is the failure to register and license a particular gun in their name. A lot of people end up getting charged with weapons offenses when they use an unregistered gun to protect themselves from criminals. Even though the weapon was used for defense, the victim in this case ends up being on the wrong side of the law along with the actual criminal. People in this situation suffer greatly from the shock of being assaulted or robbed on top of being treated like a common criminal. The team of highly skilled attorneys at Raiser & Kenniff has helped many people to beat weapons charges when they were the victim.

Of course these charges are easier to beat if you have had no prior criminal offenses. If you are being accused of being a repetitive offender of weapons offenses, it is considerably harder to beat the charges. At Raiser & Kenniff we work hard to build a solid defense for repeat offenders and ensure that they receive a fair judgment. While it is obvious that a repeat offender will likely receive stiff penalties for breaking laws concerning weapons, we fight hard to make sure it is the lightest sentencing as possible.

Life can be hard at times and our paths can often lead us down roads that cause us to make mistakes. Our staff is very dedicated to helping those who have made mistakes because we know that everyone makes mistakes. Raiser & Kenniff law firm works hard to make sure that mistakes can be put in the past and a fresh start can be had after facing criminal charges of any kind. Don’t take the risk of facing weapons charges with an inexperienced attorney; contact us today for a no obligation consultation and let’s get started on building you a solid defense.

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