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When Should I Call a Personal Injury Lawyer?21 Mar 2018

Seeking the services of a personal injury lawyer are usually not the first thing the injured party considers. At the time the injury takes place, the main focus is on getting medical help as quickly as possible. Once the doctors determine what can be done for the patient and if a full recovery is possible, the idea of seeking legal counsel comes to mind. Here are some examples of when you will likely think of hiring a lawyer, and why you need legal counsel now and in the days ahead.

When You Realize the Injury is Severe

The severity of your injury often determines if you need legal assistance. When the injury is minor and will only take a week or two to heal, there’s a good chance that the settlement offered by the responsible party’s insurance company will be sufficient.

Major injuries are another matter. It may take years of treatments before you regain all or most of your mobility, cognitive skills, or whatever the injury has taken from you. The medical costs can add up to quite a bit of money. Since that will likely mean negotiating a settlement, you need a lawyer who understands the laws that apply to your situation.

When the Responsible Party Doesn’t Want to Be Responsible

The person or entity who caused the injury may accept full responsibility and cooperate fully. At other times, the responsible party may do everything possible to shift all or part of the blame to you. Before you allow that to happen, it pays to contact a personal injury lawyer and arrange for representation. Your legal counsel will know how to work toward a settlement or represent you in court if things escalate to that level.

When You Begin to Feel Overwhelmed By All the Details

There’s a lot of details to be worked out after a serious injury. Think in terms of sorting through the medical bills, arranging to take time off from work, submitting forms to the insurance company, and attempting to reach some sort of settlement. Right now, your efforts should be focused on following the doctor’s orders and recovering from the events that caused the injury. Instead, you are feeling as if there is more on your plate than you can handle.

That’s where having a lawyer makes a difference. The lawyer can handle some of the details on your behalf. Anything that does require your attention before being handled can be prioritized and discussed in between treatments, physical therapy, or whatever else is needed to help you recover. Your lawyer can assure everything is addressed in a timely manner and allow you to spend your time recuperating.

When the Insurance Provider Wants You to Sign Papers

Remember that the insurance provider for the responsible party is interested in settling the matter as quickly as possible. At the same time, the provider will want to keep the settlement low. Even before you are out of the hospital, representatives may be paying you a visit and presenting papers for you to sign. There may even be hints that you won’t get a better deal.

Sign nothing now and call a personal injury attorney at once. From that point forward, all contact with the insurance provider will be conducted through your legal counsel. Rest assured the lawyer will do everything legally possible to obtain a fair settlement and keep the pressure from the provider at bay.

When You Realize There are Rough Financial Days in Your Future

This injury is not something you will recover from any time soon. At , you will be out of work for months. In some cases, the injury leads to a permanent condition that makes it impossible to continue doing the same type of work. All this spells financial trouble in your future, since you will no longer have money coming in to pay your monthly bills or cover whatever medical costs are not covered by your health insurance.

At this juncture, you need a lawyer who will take all of these factors into account and seek to obtain a settlement or a judgment that will prevent you from experiencing financial hardship. Seeking funds that cover today’s expenses and also those you will incur in the years to come will be the priority. A lawyer who understands the laws that protect your rights will make a huge difference as you seek to secure the funds needed to maintain a reasonable standard of living.

Don’t hesitate to hire a lawyer after your injury. Doing so will often simplify the process and allow you to obtain the money you deserve sooner rather than later.

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