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Brooklyn Vicodin Possession Lawyers2 Feb 2019

Vicodin is a popular prescription drug that is categorized as an opioid. If you’re found in possession of these pills without a prescription, it can result in serious legal implications. You need to know how to handle the charges against you, which is why it’s important to turn to Brooklyn Vicodin possession lawyers.

What You Need to Know

Vicodin is commonly prescribed to patients who need it as a result of its ability to block pain. It can be highly addictive, which is why it’s only available by prescription. It is categorized as an opioid, too, making it highly desirable on the streets.

There are state and federal laws about being in possession of Vicodin if it’s not being prescribed to you. Even if you know someone who has a prescription and they have given you some of the pills, it is against the law. If your name isn’t on the prescription bottle, you have broken the law.

It’s important to look at the various drug offenses that you face. There are quite a few factors to look at to determine what kind of penalty you could be up against.

Penalties You Could Face

The penalties for Vicodin possession will vary based on how many pills you have, if you had the intent to sell, and whether this is your first drug charge offense or not.

You may be looking at up to 15 years in state prison as well as a number of fines that you will have to pay. Obviously, you don’t want to spend 15 years behind bars. It is why you need to work with a lawyer who has experience with Brooklyn drug possession laws.

The charges may be possession and sale or distribution. It’s not just Vicodin, either. That is just one brand name. if you are in possession of any hydrocodone pill without a prescription, the laws remain the same.

Possession of any controlled substance can be troublesome. However, if you only have a small amount, it is possible to be charged with a misdemeanor instead of a felony. Additionally, the maximum sentence would be a year in jail.

Large amounts, such as anything over four ounces, can result in a Class A-II felony, which results in a maximum sentence of life in prison.

Our goal when working with you is to reduce your sentencing so that you spend less time behind bars.

How Brooklyn Vicodin Possession Lawyers Can Help

You don’t want to go through the legal process on your own. There are many court appearances that will need to be made, including the arraignment where you plead guilty or not guilty. What you say here can determine the rest of your case. You don’t want to speak one way or another until you have had legal counsel.

Brooklyn Vicodin possession lawyers can look at the details of your case to find out what happened. We may be able to reduce charges and have charges dropped. If you’re innocent, we’ll prove it. if you’re guilty, we’ll fight for the most lenient sentencing possible.

Further, it’s important to look at what happened when the police found the Vicodin. What were you doing? Did they find any other drugs or firearms? How the police handled the inspection will be critical when looking at ways to defend you, too. There are only certain things that the police officers can do when they conduct a search. If they didn’t have probable cause, it may be possible to get your charges dropped.

Contact us today to let us review your case. From there, we can look at what can be done to help you with accusations of being in possession of Vicodin without a prescription.

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