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Brooklyn Drug Possession Defense Lawyer30 Jan 2019

New York has plenty of drug crime, but that’s not because the state doesn’t take measures to penalize those who engage in drug activity. Just getting found to be in possession of drugs is enough to drastically upset your life. Drug possession charges are no laughing matter, and you could be facing serious penalties if you’re convicted of the charges.

Possible Penalties

Some of the penalties you could be looking at if you’re convicted of drug possession in Brooklyn include incarceration, fines and fines and probation. Not only could you have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you’re convicted of possessing drugs, but you could also have to serve months or years in jail. When you get out of jail, you’ll likely have to serve time on probation too.

Brooklyn courts tend to put people on probation when they’re released from jail when they’re convicted of drug crimes in an attempt to monitor them and make sure that they aren’t engaging in drug activities anymore. If you’re on probation for drugs, your probation office can test you for drugs at any time, and if drugs are found in your system, then your penalties could be increased. You could be charged again or have to serve more time in jail.

Other Consequences

To make matters worse, there are more than just legal penalties at stake. While having to serve time and pay high fines and fees is deterring enough, drug possession charges can affect your life in various others ways too. For instance, your image could be tainted. You could face public embarrassment, and some people within your circle might choose not to associate with you anymore. This could affect your dating life and your friendship and family relationships. You could be branded a criminal or felon, and that could also affect your opportunities when it comes time to get a job. You could lose your job if you already have one because some workplaces have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to drugs. They might let go an employee who’s convicted of drug possession. This, of course, would affect your income and your lifestyle.

A Brooklyn Drug Possession Defense Lawyer Can Help

When you’re charged with drug possession, a Brooklyn drug possession lawyer can help. Drug possession lawyers make it their job to stay up to date on all the latest laws and statutes concerning drug possession, so they can advise you of all the consequences you’re facing as well as possible ways to minimize them.

The first thing that a lawyer will do is try to determine whether the arrest was lawful. Your lawyer will ask you all about the circumstances leading up to your arrest, and he or she might look at any evidence available pertaining to the case. If your lawyer can prove that the arresting officer arrested your unlawfully, then your entire case could end up being dropped since any evidence submitted after an unlawful arrest is made is automatically thrown out.

Even if your lawful can’t prove that the arrest was unlawful, he or she might be able to get the charges dropped or reduce if he or she can cast doubt on whether or not the drugs were indeed yours. For instance, if the officer arrested you, but the drugs were found in the floorboard of your car and there were three other people in the car with you, then your lawyer could possibly argue that the drugs were not on your person and that you had no idea they were in the car, that one of the other passengers must have smuggled them in.

If your lawyer can’t get the charges dropped or reduced, he or she can still help you immensely. Lawyers are specially trained with negotiation skills. They also have relationships with the prosecution team, judges and other court officials that they can use to secure you the most favorable outcome if you are convicted of drug possession.

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