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Bronx Rape Lawyer30 Jan 2019

Accusations of rape are a very serious allegation. If convicted of rape, someone can face all sorts of potentially serious consequences. Even the hint of a rape accusation can be highly damaging. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of such an allegation should keep in mind that an accusation is not as simple or as straightforward as it may seem. Laws in many states distinguish between varied levels of rape. Like many other states, the laws that govern such accusations in New York have three different levels. Each form of rape has different legal penalties including varied levels of potential jail time. Each type of rape also has specific standards that the prosecutor must be able to meet in order to prove the case and get the person convicted of this kind of crime. It is important to understand this process if you or a loved one is facing such allegations in The Bronx.

Rape and New York State Penal Laws

New York state laws have a specific definition of rape in general. This is defined as when someone has sexual intercourse with a person who has consented or is unable to consent. Varied factors can go into the inability of the person to consent to the intercourse. This may be because the person is not of age to consent. It can also because the person is mentally incapacitated in some way.

A person may also not be able to agree to this form of activity because they lack the physical strength to make it clear they have not agreed to engage in sexual activity. A person may also have not wanted to agree to this behavior. At the same time, the person may tried to fight off the other person but found they were unable to do this because the other person used force them to get to them engage in this activity. All of these types of activities can be considered a form of rape under the laws of New York state. They are also offenses that the person can be charged with under law.

Varied Degrees

Rape charges under the law in New York are divided into three differ categories. The There’s third degree rape, second degree rape and first degree rape. Each charge carries different penalties. However, all rape convictions in any form are a felony and are prosecuted as such. Each form of rape can ultimately lead to a possible jail term. People who have such a conviction in the state of New York may be prevented for entering certain professions including teaching and providing day care services. They may also be refused access to their children as well as any children by a partner.

Third degree rape charges are defined as rape when someone has sex with someone who is under seventeen. This is the only reason they cannot consent. It will not apply if someone is unable to consent because they lack the mental capacity to do so. This is considered the least serious form of rape. Second degree rape is when someone who cannot consent because they are not capable of doing so mentally. They may be mentally retarded or otherwise have a mental condition that makes consent impossible such as a form of known mental illness or because they are older and suffering from a medical condition such dementia. The most serious form of rape is what is known under the laws of New York state as first degree rape. This form of rape is when someone has sex with someone under eleven or via the use of force or because of some form of physical infirmity.

Any form of a rape conviction can lead to the possibility of a short or long prison term. This is why it is imperative to make sure to have proper legal counsel. Proper legal counsel can offer the kind of assistance that anyone who is accused will need in order to make sure that all every piece of evidence is heart in the court of law and the court of public opinion. A Bronx rape lawyer can help with this process and provide the possible legal defense.

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