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Bronx LSD Possession Lawyers30 Jan 2019

Historically, New York has had some of the toughest drug laws in the United States. In recent years, drug case defendants have increasingly received alternative sentences including being ordered to attend a drug treatment program, probation, and other more flexible options that do not automatically include a prison sentence. This change in the severity of sentencing for certain drug offenses has occurred as a result of the state legislatures more lenient approach curbing drug crimes the state deems less severe. Sentencing for the drug known as LSD or acid may vary depending on the amount of the drug the defendant possessed at the time he or she committed the crime. Regardless, anyone who has been accused of possessing or selling LSD in the Bronx should contact a Bronx LSD defense attorney.

Possessing LSD in the Bronx

An individual who is accused of possessing 5 mg or less of LSD may be charged with criminal possession in the 7th degree. Criminal possession in the 7th degree is a Class A misdemeanor. Anyone who is convicted of possessing 5 mg or less of LSD may be sentenced to a maximum of one year in prison. Possession of 5 mg of LSD up to 24 mg is classified as criminal possession in the 3rd degree. Considered a Class B felony, criminal possession in the 3rd degree is punishable by a prison sentence that may range from one year in prison up to nine years in prison. Individuals who are arrested for possession of 25 mg of LSD or more may be charged with criminal possession in the second degree which is classified as a Class A felony. A bronx LSD possession defense lawyer can help individuals who have been charged with a drug crime understand the nature of the pending criminal charges.

Multiple Bronx LSD Possession Charges

In some cases a person may be accused of possessing LSD after having previously been convicted of and LSD-related drug crime.
A person who is convicted for possessing LSD for the second time may automatically be sentenced to a minimum of 15 days in jail up to two years in prison with a minimum fine of $2,500. If an individual is convicted of possessing any amount of LSD for a third time, he or she may automatically be sentenced to a minimum of 90 days in jail up to 3 years in prison and ordered to pay a minimum fine of $5,000.

A Bronx LSD Possession Lawyer Can Help

Defendants who are accused of possessing LSD in the Bronx do not have to face the criminal court system alone. For those who are concerned about the expense of hiring an attorney, a public defender may seem like the option. However, every defendant in an LSD possession case should contact a private practice Bronx LSD defense lawyer to receive a case evaluation. LSD defense lawyers are available to provide case evaluations free of charge to those who wish to learn more about their legal options and potential defenses that may help them overcome the criminal charges they face. Target practice attorney has the available Professional Resources, time, and energy to dedicate to his or her clients in the interest of helping the client obtain the most favorable outcome possible. While public defenders are often very experienced, they are also typically very overworked and are more likely to advise a client to take a plea deal in a case a private practice attorney may be better equipped to defend the accused at trial.

Contacting a Bronx LSD Possession Defense Attorney

The process of contacting a private practice Bronx LSD possession defense lawyer is relatively straightforward. Therefore, individual who require assistance with an LSD possession case should not feel intimidated about calling. Upon contacting the law office, a member of the staff will conduct a case evaluation interview free of charge. Next, the attorney will follow up and provide preliminary advice to help the individual understand the charges he or she is facing and make a more informed decision about defending his or her case. People who are accused of LSD possession may contact an attorney at any time during the investigation and Criminal Court proceedings, however, it is always to contact an attorney early in the process and prior to discussing the case with law enforcement if possible.

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