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Do I have any options if he intentionally stalls the divorce?

This article is from Nima Haddadi, his website is Everyone hopes their marriage lasts a lifetime. Most people get married with the plan to stay married for the rest of their lives, to have kids, to make memories, and to grow old together. Sadly, some marriages end long before…

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What is a private lawyer likely to cost?

When you’re facing criminal charges, it’s important to get the best defense possible. Although public defenders are competent attorneys, the best representation available is with private Long island criminal lawyers. Factors That Affect How Much a Lawyer Costs One of the primary concerns clients have is how much will a…

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Staten Island Father’s Rights Attorneys

Here’s an article from our divorce and matrimony division. Spodek Law Group is a group of premier NYC divorce attorneys and Staten Island Family Court Lawyers. For fathers, one of the most troubling aspects of a divorce can be the thought of losing access, custody and daily interaction with their…

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queens gay lgbt family law lawyers

If you need a top rated NYC divorce attorney, contact the Spodek Law Group. There have been significant developments regarding LGBT rights. The most notable event for the LGBT families is the legalization of gay marriages across the country in 2015. In spite of this landmark declaration, there are still…

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