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NYC Family Offense Petition Lawyer

When the majority of families argue, most of the time everyone cools down and all is well again. However, where families have disputes that escalate into potentially dangerous situations, the court system needs to be used to ensure everyone stays safe. As a result, individuals who have been victims of…

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How virtual reality is being used by companies

Is VR Recruiting the Wave of the Future? In recent years, technology has transformed recruiting into a personalized experience in which companies “sell” positions to potential employees using tactics similar to those seen in marketing campaigns. The growth of cloud-based applications and mobile working options makes it possible to hire…

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NYC Medicaid Fraud Criminal Law Firms

Medicaid providers are professionals who offer medical services. They include doctors, nurses, pharmacists, hospitals, clinics, and counselors. If they provide false information regarding a person’s health or misrepresent the services rendered to increase their reimbursement, then this is regarded as a Medicaid fraud. According to the Whistleblower Attorneys, this particular crime…

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nyc medicaid fraud lawyers

Protecting Your Legal Rights in a Medicaid Fraud Case The Pew Charitable Trust conducted a study on Medicaid fraud and reported that states are moving away from the so-called “pay and chase” model when it comes to dealing with Medicaid fraud. Pay and chase means that historically payments were made…

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New York Medicaid Fraud Attorneys

Medicaid fraud costs the State of New York billions of dollars that could otherwise be spent to provide legitimate healthcare services. In addition to wasting billions, Medicaid fraud increases potential harm and risk to patients who undergo unnecessary treatments. In 2016 alone, payment for non-covered procedures or for services that…

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Are Glass Bongs Illegal to Carry With You? Or Can You Get Arrested

In answering this question we examine two important elements to consider. Here, we examine the various ways that State and Federal Law vary regarding their view of glass bongs. The Federal government takes the firm position that glass bongs are illegal and has classified them as drug paraphernalia. However, as…

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New York A and DS Liquor License Lawyers

Many businesses want to sell alcohol to their patrons. It makes good sense. Alcohol is a lucrative product, both for places selling it for outside the store consumption and for businesses that serve it along with meals and other beverages. In a place like New York, it can be detrimental…

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New York L Liquor License Lawyers

It’s very important for bars, restaurants, and businesses in the hospitality industry to have liquor licenses for their businesses to run smoothly without any interruptions. The process of applying for these liquor permits and licenses can be a complex affair because they involve a lot of legal issues, and that…

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New York OP Liquor License Lawyers

The abbreviation “OP” means “on-premises” in New York legal language. This is a specific kind of liquor license that some businesses need to apply for in order to sell alcohol. This law is controlled in New York by the New York Alcoholic Beverage Control Law (ABC) and it states that…

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NYC / New York Restaurant Liquor License Violations Lawyers

Restaurant Liquor License Violations in New York State Liquor licenses are some of the most sensitive business licenses offered by the government today. They are a special privilege. The actions taken by companies with liquor licenses could save lives on the road or in numerous hospitals. Therefore, liquor license violations…

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New York RW Liquor License Lawyers

Just as restaurants must comply with laws regarding food safety, wages, and other aspects of operation, certain laws and regulations control their distribution of alcohol. A restaurant wine (RW) license permits on-site consumption of beer and wine in a place where food is prepared in greater quantities than alcohol, and…

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New York / NYC Liquor license violations lawyers

If a business is accused of violating laws related to liquor licensing, the allegation is highly likely to have a negative impact on the business’ market operations. The state can impose both fines and sanctions on the business. Each state has clearly defined statutes and regulations outlining specific laws in…

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