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NYC Battery on a Peace Officer Lawyer21 Jul 2016

The crime of battery is one that warrants severe punishment on its own. The crime of battery on a peace officer is much more severe. You must schedule an appointment with a veteran attorney who can defend you in this matter. You are facing some harsh penalties such as jail time, heavy fines, restraining orders, difficulty getting a job and the loss of respect of your friends and family members. You will need someone by your side who can fight hard to keep you from a conviction.

The Meaning of Peace Officer

A peace officer is any person that the civil unit appoints to keep the peace or maintain law and order. The term “peace officer” usually refers to police officers in criminal charges. However, it could refer to county sheriffs, wardens, park rangers, probation officers, prison guards and the like. All those persons are hired to maintain order, and they are part of a protected class of citizens that must not be touched by other citizens in a harmful way.

The Crime of Battery

The crime of battery involves the physical assault of one person upon another person. Some examples of battery include punching a person, slapping a person, choking, kicking or mushing the person. An instance of battery can also include pistol whipping or some other type of physical contact with a deadly weapon. Assault and battery usually go together in modern criminal domestic violence cases because the offender usually makes a threat to do harm first. In a battery on a peace officer case, the offender most likely does not let the peace officer know what he or she plans to do. The person just executes the battery out of fear or anger.

Examples of Battery on a Peace Officer

Battery on a peace officer includes any contact that occurs in the midst of an arrest. For example, you can receive a battery charge if you try to shuffle to loosen the officer’s grip on you. You can receive a battery charge if you accidentally hit an officer with your arms. You can even receive a battery charge if you follow a police officer closely in some cases. That depends on the situation and the circumstances. An experienced attorney can help you recognize how you need to look at the situation. He or she can help you develop a strategy, as well.

Penalty for Battery on a Peace Officer

The penalty for battery on a peace officer is stiff because it involves a man or woman of law. You can end up going to jail for 10 to 30 years. A seasoned attorney can help keep you out of that horrible situation. Acting quickly to schedule a consultation is your bet. Your attorney will need all the details to defend you properly. There might have been a misunderstanding in your case or a procedure that the police officer performed incorrectly. Fear and anger may have had something to do with the occurrence. Contact an attorney today so you can know your options.

The Attorneys to Call

Raiser & Kenniff is a law firm full of truly experienced attorneys. They have experience practicing law from all angles. They were former district attorneys, so they know the mechanics of a case like yours. They know what will work and what will not work regarding defenses. They know from 30 years of experience that they can preserve your future. You can schedule an initial consultation today by calling 888-504-2746. Alternatively, you can complete a short online form. Someone will arrange a meeting that can change your life.

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