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NY Aiding & Abetting Lawyers20 Jul 2016

The crime of aiding and abetting is an offense that carries a heavy sentence. If you have been accused of this crime, then the accusing authority is saying that you helped another person to commit a crime. You will want to handle this case with the assistance of a criminal defense attorney. A criminal defense attorney can help you in a number of ways, up to and including fighting for your freedom or negotiating the terms of your punishment.

Example of Aiding and Abetting

Some people confuse the crime of aiding and abetting with the crime of being an accessory to murder. Usually people who are accused of accessory crimes are often handled with less severity than the person who committed the crime. In the case of aiding and abetting in NYC, the courts handle the offender in the same manner that it handles the original person who committed the crime.

An example of aiding and abetting is a situation in which a person goes into a store and diverts a cashier while the other person shoplifts. Another example of aiding and abetting is when a person drives his or her car to take other people to commit a drive-by shooting or a jumping. A third example of aiding and abetting is a woman who lets someone hide in her home after the offender robs someone. In all these instances, the other party did not do the main crime, but the person was aware of it. The person also performed acts that aided the criminal and helped that person to either commit the crime or hide from the authorities.

Penalty for Aiding and Abetting

The sentence that you receive for aiding and abetting will greatly depend on what the primary charge is. Aiding and abetting a murder or manslaughter will have a much greater penalty than aiding and abetting a shoplifting occurrence will, for example. The court will also consider your criminal history. If you have a long criminal history then you stand to see the jail for a longer period of time than someone who does not have one. Any bodily harm that occurred during the enactment of the crime will make the penalty increase. An experienced attorney can give you more insight on the possible negative outcome of your aiding and abetting case.

Making a Conviction Stick

To make the charge stick, the prosecution has to prove that you were aware that the other person was going to commit a crime and that you willfully assisted that person. The prosecution also has to prove that someone other than you committed the crime.

Defenses for Aiding and Abetting

One defense that you can plead for an aiding and abetting charge is ignorance. You are not guilty of a crime if you did not know that the other person was going to commit a crime. You can speak with your attorney about entering a not-guilty plea if you believe that you have been arrested in error.

Who to Call for Assistance

Since the crime of aiding and abetting has such serious repercussions, you will want to call a group of attorneys who have experience and proof of case wins. Raiser & Kennif is the firm you want backing you in your case for aiding and abetting. They are former assistant district attorneys with several decades of experience and proof of many successful outcomes. Start working on your future of freedom today by scheduling a consultation. The number to the firm is 888-504-2746. Alternatively, you can complete an online request for assistance. There is no risk involved in calling and asking for help.

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