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NYC Aiding a Suicide Lawyers19 Jul 2016

Suicide occurs when a person ends his or her life by performing an action that the person knows will cause death. Aiding a suicide is participating in that action. You will need the assistance of a highly experienced New York City attorney if you are facing a charge for aiding a suicide. Many states see the act of suicide as a moral, religious and legal offense. Some states view someone who aids a suicide attempt the same as they view murder. New York has strict laws regarding the matter of suicide assistance:

Example of Aiding a Suicide
The crime of aiding a suicide can be committed in a malicious or a compassionate way. A classic example of an assisted suicide is the doctor who takes a patient off of life support because he or she requested not to live in that condition. The doctor has no malicious intention when removing the life support. However, the authorities still view it as a crime because the doctor defies the natural course of events and takes a life into his or her hands. Members of the medical field have to pledge an oath to save lives. Therefore, such a doctor could be in jeopardy of spending time in jail and losing his or her license to practice medicine.

Causing a Suicide
Aiding a suicide can come in a malicious form, as well. A person can aid or cause another person to commit suicide by intentionally bullying that person, stripping the person of something that means the world to him or her, leaving the person in a dangerous or spirit-crushing situation, or forcing that person to relive painful memories by reenacting them. The crime of causing a suicide is cruel, and it is a type of vicious murder. It occurs in some cases in which the offender knows the vulnerability level of the victim and plays on it to get the result that he or she wants. The New York courts look at this type of “assistance” as manslaughter.

The Penalties for Aiding a Suicide
The penalties for aiding a suicide vary depending on the circumstances. A person who helps another person to commit suicide can be charged with a class E felony. A first-time offender may receive 16 months to four years in jail. Causing a person’s suicide is a class C felony, which has a jail time of 3.5 to 15 years.

How an Attorney Can Help
A skilled attorney can help you fight your charge in a number of ways. First, the attorney will use tactics to try to get a case dismissal. Next, the attorney will discuss your plea. You can choose to plead guilty to a lesser charge or fight the charges altogether. The lawyer will fight for you if you choose to go that route all the way. Your lawyer will be in your corner through the entire process. He or she will fight hard to get you loosed.

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